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Start by completing a brief gardening survey.


Wait for a seed club package to arrive around the beginning of every month.


Follow the instructions that come with your package to plant the seeds upon arrival - or - collect the seeds to start building your own seed bank.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership is now starting at only $5.00/month!

Shipment occurs on the 5th of every month!  Make sure to join BEFORE the 4th of month to receive a current box.

Unique heirloom/non-gmo seed packs  - indoor expanding seed starting soil pods - plant labels markers - supplies - fertilizers - instructions & grow guides - special announcements, offers & more!

Seeds are specially selected based on your answers to the gardening survey and your shipping zip code.  All your answers will help us figure out which seeds will grow best for you garden at the current time of the year.

We are 100% sure you'll be pleasantly surprised with what we will send you each month.  Varieties of seeds can range from all sorts as heirloom vegetables, herbs, sprouts, micro-greens, seed potatoes, garlic, wildflowers, and much more!

All the seeds are 100% NON-Genetically Modified NON-GMO and NON-HBYBRID.  In fact, all the seeds you receive by joining the club will be 100% Pure, Raw & NEVER-Treate Heirloom seeds.

Yes, our seeds are 100% Heirloom/Non-Hybridized varieties. These are the only seeds that you can safely save after each harvest and preserve for many generations to follow.

We sure will be sad to see you go but YES, you can absolutely cancel at any time.  We want you to be 100% happy with everything you get from us here at UOG.   Please be honest with us.  If we can do anything to improve we hope you would let us know.  Please give us the chance to improve & make this service work for you.

All seeds are packaged in a re-sealable moisture-proof packs.  Store your seeds in a cold/dry/dark environment and they'll remain viable for many years and planting seasons.

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