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⫸ $5/month for the Monthly Mystery membership
⫸ $15/month for the UOG PRO membership

We ship on/around the 5th of every month. New members must join by the 4th of the month to receive a current shipment. ⫸ If you join after the 4th then you will be in queue to receive the following months shipment wchich wi

You won't able to pick, however, the seeds we send you each month will be curated for your garden. We promise you will be pleasantly surprised with what we are going to send you each month. read reviews & testimonials > view instagram photos >

We have hundreds and hundreds varieties! It's a fun mystery to see what we will send you every month. We have been known to send out vegetable seeds, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs, sprouts, micro-greens, flowers, fruits, garlic, seed potatoes and more! Click here to tell us more about your garden so we have a better idea of which seeds will grow best in your garden.

All the seeds we send you will always and forever be 100% NON-Genetically Modified.  In fact, all the seeds you receive will be 100% Pure, Raw, Un-Treated, Heirloom, Non-Hybridized, and Open-Pollinated. You will not find seeds like these at your local garden store.

⫸ Yes, you sure can! Save the seeds to start building your own seed bank. It's important to make sure that you store the seeds in a cold/dry/dark location.
⫸ All our seeds are 100% Open-Pollinated (OP) & NON-Hybridized.  These are the only seeds you can save after each harvest. Collect, save, and preserve for many generations.

⫸ Yes, of course. We want you to be 100% happy.  If you're not happy we're not happy.
⫸ Free to cancel ANY time!

Make sure you store seeds in a cool/dry/dark environment.
⫸ Some seeds will remain viable for a longer period of time than others - dependending on the seed variety and how they were stored.  
⫸ IMPORTANT: DO NOT store seeds in a refrigerator.  There is too much moisture in a refrigerator. The FREEZER is a much better option.

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