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Frequently Asked Questions

Month -to - month membership is only $15 (free shipping) - USA ONLY
Rates are discounted if a longer term is selected.

Packages are shipping on the 5th of every month.

Seed packs hand-selected based on your garden profile
Seed Starter Soil Pods
Plant Markers Labels
Fertilizer Pack
Detailed Planting Instructions and more .....

Seeds are hand-selected for your garden based on your garden profile.  Also can be selected based on zip code to help determine grow zone.  Either way, don't worry, we promise you're going to love all the unique heirloom seed varieties we have to send you.

We want this to be a fun and exciting experience for you.  If you can trust us, we promise you're going to love the varieties we pick for your garden.  You'll get to try new and exciting varieties.  We're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you receive each month.

All the seeds we send you will always and forever be 100% NON-Genetically Modified.  In fact, all the seeds you receive by joining the club will be 100% Pure, Raw & Un-Treated Heirloom/Non-Hybridized varieties.

Yes, they sure are!  And these are the only seeds that you can safely save after each harvest and preserve for many generations to follow.

Yes, of course.  We're not crazy.  You can cancel at ANY time.  Just message us via email and we'll get you taken care of.  We really want this to be the best experience for you.  We promise you can cancel at any time.

Store seeds in a cool/dry/dark environment and they'll remain viable for many years - of course depending on the variety.  Note:  Do NOT store seeds in a refrigerator.  There is too much moisture in a refrigerator. FREEZER is much better option.

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What is a Urban Organic Gardener?

A 'Urban Organic Gardener' is anyone that wants to grow their own food.  It's about being self-sufficient. It's about taking our food back.  It's about being healthy and  being happy.

100% NO-GMO